Which earplugs are the best? There is no perfect answer as each individual user has a different shaped ear canal. Our friends at Howard Leight have some guidance...

Ears come in all shapes and sizes. The right hearing protector should feel comfortable in the ear or on the head — that means different products for different people.

Avoid overprotection in minimal noise environments – in selecting the best earplug for your situation, consider noise levels and your need to communicate with co-workers or hear warning signals on the job

For long-term wear:-

Choose Single-Use or Multiple-Use earplugs

For workers who are exposed to intermittent noise, such as supervisors and visitors:-

Choose Banded earplugs that can be inserted and removed as needed

To eliminate that feeling of 'tightness' in the ear canal:-

Use low-pressure foam earplugs that expand gently to create a seal, such as Howard Leight® Max Lite®

For workers who have difficulty inserting foam earplugs

Select Howard LeightQuiet No-Roll earplugs or Multiple-Use which do not require rolling prior to insertion

To simplify choices and ensure a custom fit for each worker:-

Choose Howard Leight SmartFit earplugs with Conforming Material Technology™ that adapts to the shape of the ear canal, for a comfortable, personalized fit, or MultiMax,® which offers two sizes in one earplug and can reduce inventories

For workers who need to remove their earplugs during the workday:-

Choose earplugs with attached cords so they stay within easy reach and won’t get lost

To meet strict hygiene requirements:-

Offer Matrix No-Roll earplugs or other Single-Use earplugs that can be disposed of often, or easy to maintain Banded earplugs

For workers whose hands get dirty:-

Choose Multiple-Use or Matrix No-Roll earplugs which prevent dirt from transferring from the fingers to the earplug

To meet inspection and visibility requirements

Choose brightly colored earplugs that can easilty be spotted during compliance checks

To meet process industries’ zero-tolerance requirements during production

Choose Detectable earplugs that offer both visual and metal detection for food/beverage processing, pulp and paper, tobacco and other process industries

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